Mental Health - A New Paradigm

November 17, 2023 Lisa Westgate Season 1 Episode 7
Mental Health - A New Paradigm
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Show Notes

After almost a decade in the self-development and coaching industry with a focus on PTSD and Trauma Recovery, Lisa Westgate has had many 'challenging conversations'. In this episode, Lisa invites you to engage in a new one. It's time to have an honest, broad, open-minded and open-hearted conversation about the state of  'mental wellbeing' in this country and others like us.

It only takes a quick Google of some key statistics to realise that we, as a society, could be doing a lot better in terms of supporting and healing those currently experiencing mental health challenges. In particular, the psychosocial epidemics of depression and anxiety.

Knowing that not everyone is ready for this conversation and lots of people and funds are invested in the status quo, Lisa bravely posits that more could be done, regardless of the risk of upsetting some, as she is focused on the potential benefit to many.

You are encouraged to join in and #havetheconversation by commenting on YouTube or reaching out to Lisa via the social links below. Let's all start talking together about how we can improve this situation for all.

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